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One Tree Hill Episode 903: “Love the Way You Lie”

Nathan left for Europe to scout for athletes on behalf of his agency Fortitude in the last episode of One Tree Hill (902: “In the Room Where You Sleep”). He told Dan to be out of the house by the time he returned. So Dan is around for the time being. Haley is busy running Karen’s Cafe.

Jamie now helps his mother out at Karen

Bad news for Karen

Her chef quit to go work at a new restaurant that has just opened across the street. Chris Keller is unable to fill in as a chef, try though he may. Dan, much to Haley’s surprise, shows up in the kitchen to help her out. Remember, he ran a diner which burned down so he knows how to cook. I really enjoyed how the writer Lenn K. Rosenfeld and director Paul Johansson (who plays Dan Scott) set up Dan’s intro to the scene.

The way Chris Keller screams in this scene is hilarious!

He doesn’t have a scene where he says, “Haley, do you want me to come over to the cafe to help out?” Instead, we see Chris Keller enjoying his food and saying, “compliments to the chef!” Haley then wonders who is cooking since Chris is in the dining room. She walks over and peers through the window to find Dan standing over the grill. That was brilliant. It makes the scene more interesting by adding an element of surprise to it. As I mentioned before, this creates anticipation and interest for the audience, just like the opening montage of the season premiere. I really enjoyed this whole scene with Dan helping out in the diner followed by the confrontation with the patron who wants to know why Haley has a “murderer” working for her.

Dan (Paul Johansson) lending Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) a hand during a busy lunch rush.

The crew who designed and decorated Karen’s Cafe have done a wonderful job as well. It’s such a warm atmosphere. It is a mom and pop establishment with tasteful interior design that fits right in with the town of Tree Hill. The floorplan is almost like a 1950s soda fountain with the counter right in the middle of the restaurant. They kept it fresh by not designing it to look exactly like Karen’s Cafe looked in seasons 1-4 of the show (though let me be quick to point out I loved that set as well). I wish there was a Karen’s Cafe to go to in my hometown of Bakersfield, CA. I would eat there several times a week!

"Chuck Scolnik is starving!"

Chuck has found a new role model in Chris Keller.

Brooke and Haley reopened Karen’s Cafe at the end of season 8 and they both operate it together. However, Brooke has not been around the cafe as much lately since she is trying to launch a new clothing line for babies (“Baker Man”) with her father. She loves designing clothing but really wants nothing more than to spend time with her father and have a close relationship with him. Both parents were de facto absentee parents to her for most of her life. She spent her high school years (seasons 1-4) without her parents as they gave her little attention. They all lived under the same roof but seldom saw each other. The parental influence in her life came primarily from Lucas’ mother Karen (Moira Kelly), Karen’s Cafe’s namesake, and Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer). Brooke and her mother,Victoria, have reconciled and grown close in recent years.

Not quite the father and daughter day out together that Brooke (Sophia Bush) was expecting.

Victoria has been warning Brooke that her father can’t be trusted. Brooke wants to reconnect with her father in the same way that she reconnected with her mother. Brooke expects to meet her father at the golf course for a day of golf together and to plan the clothing line. When she arrives, she finds out that he has already played a game of golf with business contacts and instead brings her to meet with them to discuss the business venture; or, to “close the deal” as he puts it. So she feels used and disappointed that they did not get to spend time together that day. Perhaps her father is planning to use her to make money off of her if the business successfully launches and then split and not be heard from again? This nefarious possibility may be Victoria’s concern.

Meanwhile, Clay is still suffering from blackouts and sleepwalking. Quinn has grown increasingly concerned and worried about Clay’s behavior. She follows him to find him purchasing drugs from a shady drug dealer character (who we will probably see causing more trouble later in the season). She confronts him about it and he denies it until she tells him she saw him buying the drugs and took photographs. Clay later tells her that he started taking the drugs to help with the pain after the shooting (recap: they were both shot at the end of season 7 by Sarah’s (Clay’s deceased wife) psycho look-alike). This is a plausible explanation but there seems to be more reasons for the drug use. We, the audience, are left with the impression that the reasons for his drug addiction are more complex. This remains to be seen and we will surely learn more about this in future episodes this season.

Julian is trying to rent out his recently-purchased sound stage (is this set actually an empty sound stage owned by Screen Gem Studios, where many of the interior sets of One Tree Hill are/were located?) in Tree Hill to filmmakers. He mentions the perks of shooting in Tree Hill: a historic downtown, a nearby beach, and a tax incentive; all of which, incidentally, are reasons why so many TV shows and movies have been filmed in the real Tree Hill of Wilmington, NC. He gets so stressed about not being able to find anyone to rent out his sound stage to that he becomes overwhelmed with joy when he finally gets a call from a potential client.

He agrees to meet the producer who will be flying in that afternoon and becomes so preoccupied with excitement over this potential deal that he accidentally leaves his baby, Davis, locked in his car. The weather is warm in Tree Hill in the setting of the story; probably late summer/early fall.

I would like to digress momentarily and point out that it certainly was warm in Wilmington, NC., for at least the first half of the season 9 shoot. The crew began shooting last July (shortly after getting the green light from the CW network for a 9th season) when Wilmington was experiencing a relentless heat wave. Temperatures soared and consistently hovered at the century mark for about a week at one point in the summer. Several cast members tweeted about how hot it was on set. So kudos to the cast and crew for the great work they did amidst such an intense heat wave. But was it as hot as it was when Spielberg and his crew were shooting Raiders of the Lost Ark in Tunisia? 🙂 Of course, Wilmington has very temperate and beautiful weather for much of the year but at this time the whole lower 48 United States were experiencing an unusual heat wave.

He returns in horror to find his car window shattered and EMTs putting his baby into the back of an ambulance. This scene combined with Haley thanking Dan for his help but telling him it is probably not a good idea for him to help out again (“This is Karen’s Cafe.”) and Mouth and Millie’s discussion about her outburst live on TV about Mouth’s (Lee Norris) weight make up the coda for this episode. I really like the song “Tamer Animals” by Other Lives that music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington and show creator/writer Mark Schwahn used for this scene. I don’t know which of them chose the song but she chooses most of the music and each song is given Mark’s stamp of approval. It was definitely an intense cliff hanger scene and the music gives it a great energy and tempo.

Click here for the music setlist for this episode.


Brooke calls Julian to find out why their son, Davis, was never dropped off at daycare. Julian realizes, to his horror, that he forgot about him.

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An Evening with One Tree Hill in L.A. (Part 2)

There are some wonderful pictures of the season 9 premiere and Q&A on the One Tree Hill Facebook page. Here are a few more that I personally took in addition to the two I posted on Part 1 of this article. All photos in part 1 and part 2 of this post were taken by me.


Everyone in the stand-by line got in to the screening!


One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn outside of the Arclight theatre before the screening.


Mark Schwahn


My ticket!


Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) and Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley) entering the theater before the screening.

This fan wore a chicken costume like the one Skills and Millie wear in the One Tree Hill season 8 finale. Paul Johansson walked over and took a photo with him.




Mark Schwahn welcoming everyone to the event.

The photo below was taken just after the episode ended. The theater staff set up these barstool chairs for the cast to come up and sit in during the Q&A.



Theater entrance

Arclight Hollywood put up these posters with each cast member in the hallway outside of theater 10 where OTH episode 901 was screened.


I have a couple of video clips from the event that I put on YouTube.

1.  Click here to hear Paul Johansson and Tyler Hilton talk about their experiences on the show.

2.  Click here to hear Lee Norris’ experience as Mouth this season.

3.  Click here to hear Mark Schwahn talk about bringing back Dan Scott and Chris Keller this season.

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An Evening with One Tree Hill in L.A. (Part 1)

Last Thursday evening (Jan. 5, 2012), fans of the CW television show One Tree Hill were treated to an advance screening of the premiere episode of season 9 (Episode 901-“Know This, We’ve Noticed”). In attendance were Mark Schwahn, creator of the show and writer and director of the 9th season’s first episode, and most of the core cast members. The event took place at the Arclight Hollywood theater. Most of the audience of fans acquired their tickets through various contests on Facebook and Twitter. There was a standby line for those without tickets. Happily, everyone in standby was admitted to the theater. The audience was even treated to free popcorn and soft drinks. The theater staff waited until everyone was inside and situated before beginning the event. Then, the cast entered and took their seats. In attendance from the cast were Paul Johansson (Dan Scott), Bethany Joy Galeotti (Haley), Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller), Sophia Bush (Brooke), Robert Buckley (Clay), Stephen Colletti (Chase), Shantel VanSanten (Quinn), Jackson Brundage (Jamie), and Lee Norris (Mouth). Mark Schwahn gave a few brief introductory remarks and shout outs to executive produce Joe Davola and music supervisor Lindsey Wolfington, also in attendance.  If you have enjoyed the music on the show, you can thank Lindsey Wolfington.  As music supervisor, she is responsible for most of the tracks you hear in each episode and she does an awesome job. The theater lights dimmed and for the first time, we proceeded to watch a new episode of One Tree Hill on a movie screen instead of a television screen.


As of this writing, the episode has not aired so I will not give away any significant details. (Preview clips may be viewed on the show’s official website.) However, it is a riveting, intense, episode and no one who watches this show will want to miss it. The first 3 minutes of the episode are jaw-dropping. I thought to myself, “What are we in for this season?! How did the characters end up in whatever situation it is that they are in?!” We shall find out in the coming weeks. Of course, the print of the episode looked great too. The Arclight theater takes care to make sure that features are screened in their proper aspect ratio and that the sound is perfect. Once the episode was over, there was thunderous applause. Mark Schwahn and the cast then took their seats in front of the screen and proceeded to answer audience questions and share anecdotes about working on the show for close to an hour and a half.

Dan Scott (Paul Johansson) and Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) will get a lot of screen time this season. They are in most of the episodes of season 9 according to Mark Schwahn. I’m really happy about this. I like all of the characters on this show but the Dan Scott character is always compelling because I can’t wait to hear what he is going to say or do when he enters a scene. After the Q&A was over and the cast proceeded to leave the theater, Mark Schwahn had a raffle and gave away close to a dozen copies of the recently released DVD boxset of One Tree Hill Season 8. I didn’t win but I already have the season 8 boxset. I had a great time and I want to thank Mark Schwahn and the cast and crew for the inspiring drama they have created each season. Schwahn remarked that this 9th season is his favorite of the show. View photos of the “An Evening with One Tree Hill in L.A.” on One Tree Hill’s Facebook page.  I have included a couple of my own photos here on this page and several more in part 2 of this article.

The season premiere episode airs tonight at 8pm on the CW Network.


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